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It is becoming more costly for two individuals who no longer wish to be married to obtain a divorce. With the number of divorces each year increasing, we have created a simple package for those of you wishing to obtain a divorce... but without all of the expense. Our do-it-yourself kits are the alternative. With our do-it-yourself kits you simply complete the forms in your package with the aid of the included instruction guide, sign them and file them at your county courthouse. All you have to do is print and file. It's that simple. If your divorce is of an uncomplicated nature, then our divorce packages could be just what you have been looking for!

To obtain general information regarding the laws in your state, just click the link for the state you are interested in to the left. There you will find general laws as well as have the ability to purchase a kit should you be interested in doing so.

Each divorce package contains a minimum of the following forms:

  • STATE COURT FORMS AND INSTRUCTIONS - needed for filing your own divorce
  • Checklists - things to gather and do
  • Legal Statutes - regarding divorce in your state
  • Sample Parenting Plans - required in many states (If children are involved)
  • Sample Settlement Agreement - to help you create your own

Instructions are also included in your package to explain the divorce process. Once you have completed the personal information for your case, all you will have to do is to sign the papers in front of a notary, pay your state's required filing fees and file the papers. It's that simple.

Document packages are valid for the following situations:

  • Agreed Upon Divorce
  • Non-Agreed Divorce
  • Irreconcilable Differences
  • Faulted Divorce
  • Missing Spouse
  • Military Stationed Overseas

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